Sunday, July 20, 2014

Farsi or Persian Language

Salam! Khush amadid! Esme man Rao e!

For the past few months, I've been slowly learning Farsi (also known as Persian). The following links below are the resources I used to learn proper grammar and words. The entire experience has been worthwhile, needless to say. I learnt about Iranian culture, traditions, famous poets, and something interesting called Tarof (ex Befarmayeen= Go ahead). Merci! Khoda Hafiz!!!!! (skip to 10:58 and 13:15)

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Tips and Helpful Advice I Learnt Writing the Apology and Loved

Tips and Helpful Advice I Learnt Writing the Apology and Loved

Before I release my next short story, I will reflect upon my lessons learnt writing “The Apology” and “Loved”. The following list below is highly subjective and is by no means a representation of what great storytelling is. Looking back in retrospect, I regret nothing from writing the two stories; everything is a learning experience. Writing “The Apology”, to be honest, was one of the most depressing times of my life. Most of the problems were personal issues that were unrelated to the poem, which I will not dwell upon. On the flip side, although the melancholic nature of the story proves otherwise, writing “Loved” was actually the happiest story I've written so far. My two most memorable moments when writing “Loved” were: acting out the scenes to add more emotion; and staying up until 3 in the morning, spending all my waking hours writing. Anyways, without further ado, I present the lessons I've learnt.  

  1.  Writing Honest: During the writing process for both stories, I always wanted to twist or change parts of the story for a deeper narrative. In both instances, the end result was always a derivative, unoriginal crap. In “Loved”, I over-exaggerated the ending to add more emotion to the scene. What I eventually learnt was telling the story exactly the way it should be told, insofar as the overall narrative matches the themes and morals. According to Neil Druckmann, writer of The Last of Us, a writer’s responsibility is to tell the truth. If the writer does not believe in the message or morals illustrated in the narrative, “toss the idea aside and start again”. As EB White once said, “the best writing is rewriting”. In Loved, I rewrote the story numerous times to match the entire story with the theme of friendship and suffering.
  2. Planning is Key to Success: The phrase, “You can’t find something unless you know what you are looking for” translates well into writing. If a writer is not aware or knowledgeable in what the overarching narrative is about, the story will turn into a disorganized rambling. One of the most important lessons I learnt during the course of writing is planning what to write ahead of time. In “Loved”, I had constant troubles deciding what I should write about. My initial draft of “Loved” involved more characters, exploring the relationships and problems of each character (equivalent to an ensemble cast). The old moral of the story examined the effects of bullying and taunting. In between writing, for unknown reasons I won’t state, I decided to focus the story on the unnamed protagonist hard life, and every day struggles, removing many of the characters. During the transition, I was awkwardly confused on what direction I was headed. At one point, the entire story was chaotic and awkwardly written. I eventually decided upon focusing the story on “breaking the norms” and illustrating how every character has a dark past. The ending showed how the unnamed protagonist, Derrick, and Sarah, despite their flaws, all wants to be loved and fears rejection. To adequately plan and research during the earlier stages allows me to quickly fix any plot holes or inconsistencies within the narrative.   
  3. Don’t sound like a pompous asshole or pretentious douche: As a writer, there are themes that are not easy to talk about in the general public; mainly because of taboos and social norms. Loved involved bullying, harassment and abandonment. When I was writing, I had a difficult time finding the sweet spot between how serious I should approach the themes. In the end, in my subjective opinion, I failed at writing an honest story. As stated above, I over exaggerated some parts. Many have said my story was a ‘depressive rambling’; to some extent, I agree. Also, in “The Apology”, the story involved someone I knew and reflected on past experiences. As a result, I needed to tread carefully, not to insult or hurt anyone in the process. I did not reveal the name of the person, due to privacy and respect (the identity continues to be a secret, as I will continue to hold my end of the bargain). Also, the initial draft was longer and deeper, although I cut these parts because the story was becoming too overtly sentimental. In the end, I learnt by approaching the topics from a more simplistic, and less focused on the self, the themes are presented in a better manner (in my subjective opinion, correct me if I am wrong). Nevertheless, I am always exploring new ways to approach and write evocative themes in stories.
  4. Writing Essays is Different from Writing a Short Story: The two mediums, as I’ve learnt the hard way, are completely different. I needed to approach writing a short story in a new perspective. In essays, at least according to me, writing as clear and concise as possible is the goal. However, in short stories, unloading all your information and being clear in every way possible will lead to boredom. In “Inception”, as an example, the narrative slowly builds up the question of why Dom is afraid to build the dream world and afraid of his wife/past. The answer is revealed in little bits, to keep the viewer interested and engaged into asking more questions. More often than not, great writing in films and novels is when the author writes less. As a writer, in my opinion, knowing what to reveal and what to keep as a secret until the end is the key to success; which requires years of experience and skill to master. Jeffrey Yohalem is a lead writer at Ubisoft Games and has written AC: Brotherhood, Far Cry 3, and Child of Light. According to Yohalem, “The real skill in writing comes from writing lines that have secret meanings beneath them, subtext, and that are part of the overall construction, which is the meaning of the plot”. In “Loved”, I failed at creating an intricate narrative that evokes emotion and provoke the reader to ask questions. The story of “Loved” was simple, revealing all the answers in a predictable fashion. In the end, I've learnt that each story is a puzzle or a riddle. The more difficult and deeper the puzzle seems to appear for the reader at the beginning of the narrative, the story will be more intriguing. As the story moves forward, the puzzle is slowly built and finished during the climatic end.

As a writer, I am always improving, searching for new ways to construct a better narrative. I will admit, “The Apology” was essentially more of an apology to forgive myself for what I did to her (in fact, I might have misconstrued everything. But either way, the girl probably wants to stab me, Sid and Nancy style :P). And “Loved” was more of a thank you to the support I received. If you have any comments, concerns, or questions, send me a private message on Facebook, or Yelp; I will happily clarify. Hopefully you enjoyed reading a short summary of the lessons I've learnt on writing. Thanks and Cheers.

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Friday, June 20, 2014

Job Opening: Dating

Dating a girl is like a full time job. A day’s work is time consuming and strenuous. Dress code is nice, sharp and clean. Ensure all clients and your ‘Highness’ are happy and satisfied. Most often, you will help carry heavy loads of baggage while your ‘Highness’ peruses around shopping and buying. Holidays are crunch time (especially Christmas, birthdays, Anniversaries and Valentine’s Day). A gift or present is often expected as a surprise. Spending money from your own pocket is expected (although you will not be compensated). Great verbal and oral communication skills are mandatory. Exceptional listening skills and teamwork is the key to success at workplace. Staying overtime and afterhours is expected (be prepared to adapt to schedule). Being creative, fun, and having excellent coordination/planning skills are highly recommended. Well-developed texting, Skype, and Smartphone skills are recommended. If you lie on your resume or interview, your future may be in jeopardy. If you cheat, you’re fired from employment permanently.

And finally, the salary....                            you will be paid unconditional love.   <3

Inspired by: 

World's Toughest Job - #worldstoughestjob - Official Video

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

A Special Someone... (Poem)

Ocean waves at the tide
Cuddling by your side
Out on the sandy beach
In stars of love, we reach
In the shining moon light
A shooting star in sight
We make a future wish
That our love will flourish
We are now together,
Forever and ever.
If you talk, I listen,
You make my soul glisten.
You are my only cure,
A remedy so pure,
Of love vividly clear
The Nirvana is near.
You are my salvation,
Gone are my temptations,
And my evil, dark deeds
We will plant new seeds
To grow a better fate
Others will give us hate
To stop us from moving
I’ll always be fighting
Holding you 'oh so tight
In the sweet summer night
Show me your darkest fears
Everything I shall hear
Don’t hold back with your words.
Nothing will seem absurd
No matter what you say
I'll love you anyway
And I’ll show you my side
There is nothing I’ll hide
Be who you wanna be
Y'know I'll always see
Your true beautiful self.
Prettiness, nothing else
I'll give you happiness
You deserve nothing less.

Inspirations: "All of Me" by John Legend; everything by Imagine Dragons; "Fancy", "Mine" and "Own It" by Drake; "As Long as You Love Me" by Backstreet Boys;

Saturday, June 14, 2014

The Analysis of Music Videos: OneRepublic- something I need music video

Amazing article! =)

The Analysis of Music Videos: OneRepublic- something I need music video: I was so excited when I heard this Track was going to be a single and that a video was being made, it was also great timing that came out...

Thursday, May 29, 2014

A Compendium of Spur of the Moment/Freestyle Poems

The Warning 
When you lose the ones you hold dear
I will show you your darkest fears
You’ll bend down on your knees in tears
The world revelations is near
A catharsis you mock and sneer
You wield your swords, armour, and spears
Ignorant of the truth you hear
The world will kill, steal, starve, and sear.
Ashes form on the dead frontiers
Let my words and myself be clear
A hero shall rise in one year
Resurrection will be severe
Forgiveness to all who adhere

My first and failed attempt at iambic pentameter
To laugh, to love, to cry  
To live a joyous life
Is this love I feel?
To love or not
To live or die
The end is here
The path I seek is near
Let the music guide you

Feminism, Love and Future
Females are stronger than men
Love is the message I send
To understand someone is true love to the end.
If you like someone, don’t pretend.
Silence will only offend
Don’t be shy, be outspoken
Our fate isn’t woven
Your words will remain unbroken
The future is golden
Only if you choose to remain open
Cherish the happy and loved moment
Your success lies somewhere within the ocean
Dive deep, and retrieve your token
A life of perpetual joyous emotion

Future Dreams
Once more my heart is broken,
The truth has now been spoken,
I shall never be forgiven.
But life still continues forth.
All I know is my future heads north
I will become a better man,
And hopefully understand
The mistakes I have made.
To remove my chains I prayed,
That slow me down from moving.
I will fight back and never stop pursuing
Beneath my regret and mistakes is hope
I'm holding on to the thin thread of rope
My mind is eager for knowledge
My time is now, here at College.
Never fret or be afraid
Don’t hide or masquerade
Forget the norms and paradox
The world is my Fort Knox
My soul shines very bright
Like the stars in the moonlight
Right hand up, left hand down
On the head is the eternity crown
A sword and Holy Grail,
The goals and dreams we hail
We find the path in the abyss
To find our perfect bliss

Adventures of Relationships
If Drake only has his eyes on you
You have my heart and commitment, through and through
We are inseparable, like a magnet
We ain’t going home just yet.
I’ll take you on an adventure
Believe, and relax, I’ll give you a time of pleasure.
We will venture towards the uncharted
Hold on tight, we’re only getting started.
You’ll be my hero, we’ll always be together.
We will forge a relationship that lasts forever.
The ocean waves are strong.
Nevertheless, I’ll always hold on.
It’s not a song or a dream.
A hallucination, it may seem.
But I can assure you.
The reality is true.
We will fight pass the waves
Remember the love I gave.
Y’kniow a girl should never wait
An endless love, no debate
You can call me Casanova
Our love will reach supernova
We will find our way
Safely back home, no delays.

The Legend
Legend calls him the Spida
He’s always a fighta
Front kicks and hooks
His name is written over the books.
Dancing and taunting,
Like a superhero flying
Preserve the legacy
Long live the memories
Glad to be a witness
Never again will exist such greatness
The killa from Curitiba
The name is Anderson Silva

Inspirations: "Demons" and "Monster" by Imagine Dragons; "Daydream Away" by All Time Low; "Sooner or Later" by Matt Kearney; "Hold on, We're Going Home" by Drake; "The Tide is High" by Atomic Kitten; The Vow; P.S I Love You; "Child Of Light"

Don't take any too seriously. Have fun reading. Hopefully you enjoyed.